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Chapter 1 : The Ambassador
by guest author Mom's Dark Secret

The handsome young officer standing beside his captain watched the alien ambassador board the ship with feelings of trepidation. The Shadorn were nothing like human beings. They looked like man-sized sea cucumbers with tentacles. Some of the tentacles were long and sturdy, and the Shadorn used them like arms and legs. Others were shorter and thinner, but these could be extended and retracted. The ends of these shorter tentacles looked like mouths, but when those pale lips pulled back, the Shadorn could extend an expandable tube full of sharp, serrated teeth that latched onto prey and didn’t let go.

But the Shadorn were an extremely intelligent race, so they served as judges, legislators, educators and, like this one, ambassadors.

The captain bowed as the ambassador approached. “Welcome aboard, Ambassador. We’re honored to be of service to you on this trip.”

“Thank you, Captain.” The Shadorn did not have eyes or ears, but their bodies were covered with cilia that served that purpose, reacting to light, scents and sounds. They spoke through an orifice at one end of their long bodies through which they also breathed. The creature’s voice was deep and melodic. It stood up on four tentacles so that its upper body was on the same level as the humans around it.

“I’ve had a bathtub installed in your cabin, Ambassador. I hope you find it satisfactory.” The captain clamped a hand on the young officer’s shoulder. “This is Lieutenant Shaun Avery. He’ll be your liaison during the crossing. If you need anything at all, just ask him.”

Even though the Shadorn had no eyes, Shaun felt the creature’s attention shift to him. “I’m sure the accommodations will be quite satisfactory.”

Shaun cleared his throat. “If you’ll please come this way, Ambassador, I’ll show you to your cabin.”

The Shadorn made no noise as it padded along beside him. It walked in a more horizontal position, so Shaun could look down out of the corner of his eye at it. Its cilia rippled as it walked, like water flowing over stone.

“You may address me if you wish, Lieutenant,” the Shadorn said. “Am I the first Shadorn you’ve met?”

“Yes, Ambassador,” Shaun replied. He glanced down at the Shadorn. “It’s really an honor.”

“Thank you, Lieutenant. I’m sure we’ll become quite good friends. The crossing to Cyrilla is quite long, I understand.”

“We’ll be in space twenty-two days, Ambassador,” Shaun replied. They arrived at the ambassador’s cabin and Shaun opened the door. Cabins for dignitaries were quite large, allowing them to be reconfigured to suit the tastes of the guest. Shadorn were amphibians, and although they were perfectly comfortable out of the water, they liked to immerse themselves regularly. So the captain had ordered a large tub to be installed in the cabin to accommodate the ambassador. The tub was large enough to easily hold six to eight humans, so it was a very comfortable size for a single Shadorn. It was installed at one end of the cabin with shallow steps leading up to it. At the other end of the cabin was a large, low, circular couch covered in soft cushions. In between the tub and the couch, close to the wall opposite the door, was a low table.

“Ah!” the Ambassador exclaimed. “How very pleasant! I think your captain has transported Shadorn before.”

“I believe so, Ambassador,” Shaun said. “That was prior to my joining the crew, though. I was just recently promoted and assigned to this ship.”

The Shadorn rose up so its upper body was level with his. “I offer you my congratulations, then. This vessel is one of the Navy’s finest flagships.”

Shaun nodded in agreement. “Thank you, sir,” he replied with a happy smile. “I was very proud to receive the post.”

“And here you are, already assigned as liaison to an ambassador.” The Shadorn made a chuckling sound and it touched one of its long tentacles to Shaun’s cheek.

Shaun started but managed not to pull away. Surprisingly, even though the Shadorn’s skin had an oily gleam to it, its touch did not feel slimy. It was moist and warm, like damp human skin.

“You are still quite young for your species,” the Shadorn continued, “but well past puberty, yes?”

“Um...yes.” It was a really odd thing to say and Shaun shifted nervously. The creature’s tentacle was still brushing against his face. He felt a trickle of sweat dribble out from under his dark brown hair. Almost casually, the Shadorn caught that droplet of perspiration with the tip of its tentacle and put it in one of its mouths. Instantly, all of its cilia flared up and then lay down. The effect was like seeing someone shiver.

“So sweet!” the ambassador murmured. Then it spoke more loudly. “Have you other duties that require your attention at the moment, Lieutenant?”

Shaun didn’t have to think about his answer. Normally, he would have bridge duty during a flight, but since he had been assigned as the ambassador’s liaison, the captain had relieved him of his regular duties. He had told Shaun at the time that sometimes the VIPs required constant attention, so it was better to place a junior officer at their beck and call. He shook his head. “My only duty during this flight is to ensure your comfort, Ambassador.”

The ambassador chuckled again. “How delightful that you should phrase it that way. Would you please lock the door?”

“Should I step outside?” Shaun asked.

“No. There is something I would like you to do for me.”

“All right.” Shaun closed the panel and locked it. Once the lock was engaged, the door could only be opened from the inside, or by the captain’s override from the outside. He turned to the Shadorn. “How may I assist you?”

“Please come here.” The Shadorn moved to the couch and settled onto it. When Shaun approached, it wrapped several tentacles around him and pulled him down beside it.

“Uh...Ambassador?!” Shaun squeaked.

“You humans are so delightful,” the ambassador purred. Its clever tentacles began removing Shaun’s uniform. “Your bodies have such a sweet taste.”

Shaun started to panic. “Are you going to eat me?!” he exclaimed, his heart suddenly pounding. He began to sweat as fear sent his pulse racing.

“In a sense,” the ambassador chuckled, “but you will feel nothing but the deepest pleasure, I assure you.”

“What?!” Shaun trembled as he was stripped naked, his uniform and undergarments tossed aside.

“Some of the fluids your bodies produce are like nectar to us,” the ambassador said. It pulled Shaun closer and three of its mouths pressed against his skin. It felt like warm, soft kisses, coupled with firm but gentle sucking. “Your perspiration has an effect on us quite similar to the effect of alcohol on humans. It’s quite intoxicating.” Its mouths moved across his skin, sucking off his sweat. Two of them clamped onto his nipples and Shaun gasped as the stimulation sent a jolt of pleasure down his spine. Then he cried out in surprise.

“What are you doing?!”

A single long tentacle had wrapped around his cock and was massaging it firmly. His body responded immediately. His cock engorged under the insistent stroking.

“The reproductive fluid produced by human males stimulates an intense pleasure response in us when consumed,” the ambassador purred. “Imagine our delight when we discovered that human males could be stimulated to release it outside the bodies of human females.”

Its tentacle continued to massage him and Shaun groaned. He couldn’t even see his own member. It was completely wrapped up by the ambassador’s tentacle. “But, wait a minute!” he exclaimed. “Are you a male or a female?”

“We Shadorn,” the ambassador said without ceasing any of its sexual ministrations to Shaun’s body, “are both. We mate by exchanging genetic material with other Shadorn and then each will nurture its own young. In fact, we usually mate in groups to obtain a diversity of genetic material and combine it to create more robust young.” One of its mouths slid over his right big toe. It felt like getting licked. “We Shadorn enjoy mating, and while one can suppress conception, why go to all the trouble when the same delicious stimulation can be obtained by savoring a human male?” The tentacle around Shaun’s erection uncoiled slightly so one of its mouths could enclose the head of his cock.

“Hold on!” he cried. “Don’t you have sharp teeth in there?!”

“Never fear, Lieutenant,” the Shadorn purred. “My teeth are fully retracted.” As if to demonstrate, more of the mouth slid down his cock and began to suck. The traction was incredible. Shaun shuddered as a wave of intense arousal washed through him. “Now, to complete the stimulation,” the Shadorn murmured. A tentacle slid between Shaun’s buttocks and the tip poked into his hole.

“Ah!” Shaun cried out. “Not there!”

“Surely you are aware that the human male’s sexual response can be significantly enhanced by anal penetration?”

“But...!” Shaun began, but his protest went unheeded. The exploring tentacle plunged into his hole.

“Our tentacles,” the Shadorn said, almost conversationally, “can produce mucus that we use for grooming when we are out of water for an extended period of time. It helps to keep our skin moist.” Its many mouths kissed and licked their way across his body, making Shaun shiver with pleasure. The mouth on his cock sucked deliciously. “The mucus also has an aphrodisiac effect on humans, we’ve learned.”

Shaun shuddered. He could feel the slickness on the surface of the tentacle as it slid into his ass. His nipples tingled with pleasure and his skin felt hot. And the tentacle just kept sliding in and in, getting fatter and fatter as it went. And the fatter it got, the better it felt. He groaned. Then the tentacle slid across his pleasure center and he bucked. “Ah!”

The tentacle started sliding in and out, and each time it moved, Shaun was rocked by a wave of intense pleasure. He groaned and shuddered helplessly, his body completely at the Shadorn’s mercy. The tentacle wrapped around his cock started jerking on him firmly and the mouth enclosing the tip sucked powerfully. It was impossible to resist all that delicious stimulation. Ecstasy exploded inside him and he came hard, shooting again and again. The Shadorn shuddered too, its cilia standing up and lying down in undulating waves up and down its body.

When his orgasm ended, Shaun went limp, cradled in the ambassador’s many tentacles.

“Oh, my!” the ambassador purred. “That was extremely pleasurable!”

Shaun nodded weakly. It was his first time getting penetrated. He hadn’t known it could feel that good.

“I think,” the ambassador continued, “you will make a most excellent liaison. Why don’t we go in the water and I will enjoy you again.”

Shaun moaned. “I don’t know if I can do that again so soon.”

“Trust me,” the Shadorn said. “I will bring you to climax.”

Shaun shivered at the erotic promise. “Um… Would you mind telling me your name?”

“You may call me Murl,” the ambassador replied. “And I will call you Shaun when we are engaged in intimacy.” A tentacle stroked Shaun’s hair.

“I hope I don’t get court-martialed for this,” Shaun said worriedly.

“I suspect your captain expected me to make sexual use of you,” Murl said. It reared up, lifting Shaun easily in its tentacles. “You did say he has transported Shadorn before.” Murl carried Shaun to the bath and climbed into the warm water. “Ah, how pleasant!” It settled down, lowering Shaun into the bath. The water was just hot enough to make Shaun sweat. One of Murl’s mouths kissed his forehead. “Delicious!” A mouth under the water captured Shaun’s cock. “Now then, where were we?”

Shaun groaned. He was already getting aroused and the Shadorn had barely started touching him. “Have you, ah, enjoyed a man before?” he rasped out.

“Only two, but I would say you are by far the most satisfying.” Murl wrapped long tentacles around Shaun’s body and pulled him close. “You release delicious quantities of fluid during your climax.” Murl’s tentacles caressed Shaun’s back, coaxing him to nestle against its body. The Shadorn’s body was warm and yielding. It cushioned him like a pillow. It was really comfortable. Shaun closed his eyes with a helpless moan as mouths latched onto his nipples again and sucked them to quivering plumpness. A tentacle probed back into his ass. The mouth on his cock sucked him in long, deep strokes.

“Where did you learn how to arouse the human body like this?” Shaun gasped breathlessly. Having all of his most erogenous zones stimulated at once was like being at the center of an orgy.

One of Murl’s mouths kissed his face, licking off sweat. “I watched your pornography. It was very educational, especially the displays of males gratifying each other.”

“Oh.” It was getting hard to think. Arousal had Shaun shuddering on the brink of orgasm. “Are you…” he began and a powerful suck on his cock nearly pushed him over the edge. “Oh, lord!”

“Soon, now,” Murl purred.

“Are you using your mucus?” Shaun gasped. “I’ve never been this excited before!”

“I have found that humans absorb the aphrodisiac qualities more readily when their skin is warmed, especially in water.”

That made sense, of course, with the pores of his skin opened up by the heat and moisture. Shaun moaned as the tentacle in his ass probed him. “Deeper!” he gasped. “Go faster!” The pleasure was overwhelming. He was losing any sense of shame in the face of the incredible way his body felt. The tentacle probing him thickened and firmed and began plunging in and out briskly. “Oh, yes!” The mouth on his cock quickened its pace, sucking him deep and hard. Shaun gave into the delirious ecstasy of complete arousal. He cried out helplessly. He had never been so aware of his own body. Orgasm surged along his veins and he shot load after load, but the release didn’t satisfy him. His cock stayed rock hard and his skin burned with need.

“My dear Shaun!” Murl cried, its cilia undulating wildly. “What incredible pleasure!”

Its tentacles and mouths worked Shaun’s body until he climaxed again. This time, he went utterly rigid, and he felt like his insides were emptying out through his cock. “Ahhh!!” he cried out, his voice echoing from the cabin walls. His cock just kept spraying and each powerful spurt sent a jolt of ecstasy crashing through him. And then he went completely limp. There was no energy left in his limbs at all. If Murl had not been holding him in myriad tentacles, he would have collapsed into the tub and drowned.

But instead, Murl cradled him against its warm, soft body, stroking him with its tentacles and licking the sweat off his skin with its mouths. “Exquisite!” Murl murmured. “Absolutely exquisite! I have not experienced such deep fulfillment even with members of my own species.” It kissed Shaun’s face gently. “I think we will have a very satisfying relationship, my dear Shaun.”

Shaun nodded, but he was too weak to answer. In fact, he was on the verge of passing out.

Murl stroked his hair away from his face with a tentacle. “Go ahead and sleep, Shaun. I will make your excuses to your captain.”

Shaun felt a twinge of embarrassed panic at the thought, but then let it go. He was just too tired to care. He would worry about the damage to his reputation later. Right now, all he wanted to do was fall asleep against the cushioning comfort of the Shadorn’s body, which is exactly what he did.

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